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Welcome to my website displaying my photographs. It is aimed primarily at surfers. But the aim is any watersport, that I find interesting, will eventually be covered.

I also take bookings for any time of photo shoot, family event - just drop me a note and we can have a chat about your requirements We now have the Studio @ G.O.S and is available for photo sessions throughout the week

Any way about Grumpy Old Surfer!!

I first saw surfers on Towan beach in Newquay. It is too long ago for me to admit when it was. When I saw the surfers I thought they were gods able to walk on water. There and then I promised myself that one day I would become a surfer.

Achieving my dream took many years. But in the mid seventies I committed myself to surfing. I've surfed all over the U.K. and for several years would spend a month in South West France. I was never a Mark Richards or a Gerry Lopez, far from it. But I was competent. Now it seems to take half an hour to stand up. The price of being over twenty one!

In 1980 I bought a farm and for the next twenty years my only contact with surfing was the surf magazines.

2001 saw a decision being made. Myself, my wife Paula and Princess my daughter spent some time in Abersoch. That was it, we decided to move to North Wales.

Moving from Manchester to Wales took a couple of years. 2007 saw the move completed. And so we are b=now based in Conwy County!

Photography has always been linked to my surfing. I still have the slides, somewhere, taken with an Olympus OM1 in the 70's and 80's. Nowadays the photographic equipment is somewhat different.

Anyway, I hope that having visited the photo galleries or any other part of the site that you have enjoyed yourself. If you see myself, Paula or Princess down at the beach (or anywhere), come over for a chat.

All the best,