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Bonjour touts le Monde

30th June 2014
France play today! so we decided to be continental in our choice of breakfast today and have Croque Madame.


Any bread sliced and buttered.
eggs x 2
glug of milk
Mustard - French!

How to make Croque Monseuir Cooking in a camper way

On the bottom slice spread with Dijon mustard
add a slice of ham and a slice or grated cheese - ideally a French cheese
Place another buttered and mustard layered slice on top of the cheese and press together to "seal"

In a bowl add 1 egg and milk -whisk
Place the "sandwich" in the eggy mixture and coat both sides.

Place in a warm buttered fry pan and cook 3 min's each side

Serve topped with a poached egg!

As you can see from our images we didn't serve with the egg so really its a Croque Monseuir as that is what it is called minus the egg!

Lynne who I work with says an easier breakfast would be Croissants - that is taking cheating too far!!!!