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Cooking in a camper demos

19th March 2015
As most of you will know Paula has been booked to do some demo,s at the Great British Food Festivals this year. The first one is in a couple of weeks at Stonehurst College near Clitheroe. The festivals should be good! Especially if the weather forecast is correct, hottest Easter ever! Anyway she has been busy deciding what to cook. There are 3 demos a day, so recipes such as Mexican wraps and Quesedilla,s, mussels cooked in Pernod and 3 Apple pork will more than likely be available to sample once She has shown the visitors how to prepare them etc. if you would like more info check out the website.

The best thing about all this is I get to sample the food as Princess and I are her" guinea pigs"!

Keep an eye open for Paula at VW shows too!