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February updates

09th February 2016
As always updates will be more regular on the Facebook page but for those who don't use Social Media here are just a few bits of info as to what is happening in the world of Grumpy Old Surfer and Paula's Cooking in a Camper!

Waves:- with the various storms we have had a fair few good days of surf so check out the gallery for the latest shots.

Shop:- More surf related items added to our online shop along with being active on Amazon and Ebay. Don't forget G normally has stock in the van - so if you break a leash , forget your grub screws, need a fin or just top up on wax - call over and see what he has Also Tees and clothing available. We can even do your own branded items, from 1 to 1000's - no minimum order.

Photography :- our new studio with white room is nearly ready. Ideal for family portraits and photo shoots. Also available to hire out to photographers - based in the centre of Llandudno - drop me a line if your are interested.

Shows:- a few cookery demo's planned for 2016 - some at VW shows but mainly at the Great British Food Festivals - we hope to see you there - G will be decked in Marigolds and Princess will be slaving over the washing up!


Some new ones on the website and more on Facebook but today its Pancake Day ( Shrove Tuesday , mardi gras)

and the Grumpy Old Surfer Household are having pancakes galore- some with left over bolognaise -bit like a buritto , some with a lovely Cheshire cheese and Edwards of Conwy Roast ham followed by our favourite - simply sugar and lemon! However I have found a picture on the Internet showing an egg in the middle and so we may try that as it looks really rather yummy.

That's all for now, Happy surfing and camping