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Paula's cooking in a camper

Why cooking in a camper??
Sat in the van one cold evening at Hellsmouth somebody asked "What will we eat when the Davies's close up the burger van for winter?" Well,. what do we eat then??? This gave me the idea for some one pot winter warmers along with some lovely summer recipes which can be cooked quickly using very little effort! Some of the recipes can be made at home prior to your surf trip, others the ingredients can be bought at the local supermarket. Buy ready prepared items such as chopped onions and mushrooms. Remember you are cooking in a camper, you will be tired after all the surf and you just want something tasty to eat. We dont have to be a Michelin star chef, so cheating is perfectly acceptable. Please note that I am doing a whole new batch of recipes. If you wanted one of the older recipes from the archives drop me a line and I will send them to you. In the mean time ENJOY cooking in a camper!

*****As always your views of various spots with details of any little gems you may find would be greatly appreciated for the blog*****

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Tasty Breakfast bites

Thai Ginger and chicken Satay with Chilli Noodles

Crispy Beef with hot and spicy stir fry vegetables

New for 2017 Piri Piri Burgers

Cheeky little summer recipe


Piri Piri Burger

Keep checking back for more interesting recipes!