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Piri Piri Burger

So , the sun is shining outside and thoughts turn to the adventures for this year in the camper/caravan / tent. Here at Grumpy Towers his Grumpiness is tinkering in the van to prep it for our first show of the year at the Great British Food Festival - Hardwick Hall. Me, I am thinking of different variations on a theme! We love burgers!!! and so even on a BBQ this recipe is perfect.

Piri Piri Portuguese burgers on a tasty Bagel!- S
erve with a mega salad and a glass of cold Vino Verde or Portuguese beer


250gm of minced beef
6 small spring onions finely chopped
teaspoon of mixed Italian herbs
1 clove of diced garlic or a spoon of lazy garlic
2 teaspoons ( or to your palate) of piri piri sauce
1 teaspoon of tomato puree (not sauce )
6 slices of cheese top the burger with - I have tried portuguese cheese but none seem to "hit the mark" like our good old fashioned Welsh cheddar!- Sorry
6 bagels


Combine the mince, onions,herbs, garlic, piri sauce & pureeing a bowl.
On a chopping board place either grease proof paper or cling film on and divide the mixture into 6 even sized balls.
Now, here it the bit that you decide on - I have a burger press- plastic and basically rubbish, but the base is the perfect size for my burgers. I place each ball in the base and press until a perfect circle! You can just form into a circle in your hands if you prefer.
Chill until ready to cook

Place on either BBQ/Cadac,Frying pan and cook each side for about 5 mins turning occasionally to prevent sticking or burning. In a camper you can't really grill - the prefect camper grill ( in my opinion) has not yet been invented.
As each cooker differs keep your eye on the burger until cooked

Place on a lightly toasted bagel ( or place the bagel in a hot frying pan ( no oil) and toast each side) and pop the cheese on top . Place the top of the bagel on the cheese and the heat of the burger and bagel will gently slightly melt the cheese
Serve with a cheeky Vino Verde or a chilled bottle of Sagres beer.