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Sloppy Joe Nachos

26th June 2014
The USA are the creators and masters of the TV dinner plus they are playing decent football with the help of Tim Howard!

Tonight they play Germany and I am not having German sausages tonight as we don't have too much time! So..........................

USA Sloppy Joe Nacho's

Well, do you recall having just a bit too much chilli left over but not enough for a decent meal??
This is one way of using up the bit left over !!( you can use bolognaise too)

So in a pan fry up the left over chilli along with a fresh chopped onion and garlic

Get a BIG bag of tortilla chips/Dorrito's and place in an oven proof bowl

Poor over the mixture and top with grated Monteray Jack chilli cheese

Place in oven for approx. 10 mins until the cheese has melted and gone gooey and lovely and devine!!!!

NB if you want a decent chilli recipe check this one out:-