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Tasty Breakfast bites

Paula’s Cooking in a Camper

Breakfast delights!

Scrummy breakies

Sometimes a bacon butty cannot be beaten , then again you may fancy something a bit different! Here is a quick and easy breakfast snack - you can add or remove ingredients to suit your taste buds!


• Frying pan (with lid)
• Spatula
• Plate for turning
• Sharp knife
• Bowl

Serves approx 4 people

Tortilla wraps
bacon - chopped up_
cooked sausages - chopped
Grated cheese
Drop of olive oil

Optional extras
Cooked and chopped black pudding
Cooked and chopped New potatoes


  • Heat olive oil in pan and add chopped onions and bacon
    Cook for approx 5 mins with the frying pan lid on – (checking occasionally that it isn’t sticking or burning.)
    Add the cooked sausages and any optional extras.
    Cook for an additional 4-5 mins - ensure all is hot.
    Put the above in a bowl and cover with tin foil to keep hot.
    Next add a drop of oil to the pan and heat up.
    Place one of the tortilla wraps in the pan and add 1/3rd of the cooked Mixture on top of the tortilla.
    Sprinkle with a good handful of cheese and place another wrap on top.
    Next,Get a plate and place over the tortilla, flip the frying pan and plate and you will have the nicely browned and crispy tortilla facing upwards on the plate! Place back into the frying pan.
    Cook for a further 1 minute – again ensuring the bottom isn’t burning- as we have mentioned before it is harder to regulate a camping stove than your hob at home!
    Transfer on to a plate or chopping board.
    Cut into quarters and enjoy.
It really is a tasty breakfast alternative.

I would love you to send me pictures of you cooking and eating the recipes I provide! Also if you have any interesting recipes you would like me to feature, then drop me a line .I will be more than happy to feature them on my website. Please send any recipes and pictures to